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Brett’s Water is committed to providing the freshest and purest water on the market to both homes and offices. We understand water the important role water plays to aid the health of our minds and bodies, water is essential part of all of our lives. In order for water to the most beneficial to your hydration it really needs to be as pure as possible.

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THE PURIFICATION SYSTEM – No Chlorine, No Flouride, No Worries.

The quality of the water of drinking water is a concern to many and Brett’s Water is here to eliminate that concern. The market is flooded (pardon the pun) with water labelled as “healthy” and “pure” from “spring” supplies etc., but there is often variation in quality and taste. At Brett’s Water we want you to know what you are really getting, which is consistently purified drinking water, guaranteed to be the same great tasting, quality water with every bottle delivered to your door.

The water we supply uses an exclusive seven staged purification system in production, that has been designed to remove all contaminants.

0% Chlorine 0% Flouride 0% Heavy Metals 0% Pest/Herbicides 0% Scale 0% Algae/Bacteria

As a result of the premium production process, we can guarantee the water we supply is free of all contaminants, this ensures you will experience great tasting water every time. Click here to find out more about the Seven Stage Purification Process.


Water is bottled daily and human contact is minimised, to ensure consistent purity with Brett’s Water throughout the process. Our water is never exposed to dangerous chemicals at any time. No harmful detergents are used in the careful sterilisation of the bottles, instead we use purified and ozonated water.


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